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Ducky One TKL RGB

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1.40 KGS

Modern, Simple & Professional Narrow Bezel Design
Ducky One has been designed with a narrow bezel compared to the previous Ducky keyboard, which is now the thinnest bezel that Ducky has ever made. Ducky have tried to reduce the overall size without affecting the overall design of the keyboard. The keyboard looks much better with a modern, simple and professional design.

Two-stage feet
Ducky One now has a new design that provides two-stage feet and it is different from the traditional monolithic feet. Now you are able to change the angle for keyboard with the choice of three levels: Feet Folded, Small Feet and Big Feet.

Durable Dual layer PCB design
Dual layer PCB is more durable and reliable than the standard single sided PCB. This will give it a longer life expectancy as well as signal stability of the keyboard functions. Combined with a steel back plate, dual layer PCBs will give the you the extra solid feel with each keystroke.

USB N-Key Rollover (USB NKRO)
Under USB, the Ducky One can handle a large number of simultaneous key presses, so you can use the keyboard confidently in any situation, knowing that there will never be ghosting or the key blocking issue.

Ducky Macro V2.0
Ducky Macro provides one default setup and five extra customizable profiles. In addition to this, three implementation options and six record options.