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Varmilo VA108M

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2.35 KGS
Varmilo VA108M

Customer Information: 

This product is not part of a group buy. Once you place you order it will be submitted to Varmilo on the following Monday, and you should receive it within 28 working days (if there are any delays you will be contacted). This product will be shipped to you from capsunlocked, and the price on the website does include import fees that are incurred when importing into the EU.  By purchasing this product you agree to the Terms and Conditions found at the bottom of the capsunlocked website. 


The VA108M is a full-size keyboard designed for the mechanical keyboard enthusiast. The VA108M is available with top printed dye-sub legends, which increase the longevity of the legends on the keycaps.

Featuring genuine Cherry MX switches, designed to last up to 50 million actuations, this keyboard will provide you with a pleasant typing experience.


- This keyboard is wired, and not bluetooth.
- This keyboard features the ANSI Layout only.
- The plastic case of the VA108M has a slight wood effect to it.

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    Posted by Michael Craig on 9th Aug 2017

    Had a few weeks using this now, thoght I'd give a proper run before posting.

    The below are subjective, just my take on these facts...

    - Pros -
    - Availability of many switch types
    - Production cost spent in the right places (plastic body but excellent internals, rather than an aluminium body and a keyboard that ghosts for the same price...)
    - Awesome function key layout with the media keys (Fn + F10 is Play/Pause)

    - Cons -
    - Incline is either very shallow or very steep (feet give a large boost at the back!)
    - Keycaps do not have transparaent lettering (so lighting is around the keys not through, but are easily replaceable ofc!)
    - Strange function keys (such as internet) in the top right corner, but Ducky also do this!

    Despite the additional features this keyboard provides, it seems like it's main concern is to be a good keyboard, and for me, provided it's worth the money to type on, then I'm not bothered about anything else, and this keyboard is great for typing!