Address Change and Slot Swap Forms

Over the past few months we have all had to make drastic changes to our daily routines and lifestyles.

We recognise that many of our customers financial situations have changed so the first form we are introducing is the “Swap Slot” form. This form will allow group buy participants to inform us if they sell their group buy slot and ensure the new participant’s details are recorded accurately. Whilst we cannot issue refunds for group buys that have closed, we believe this form will be beneficial to those who wish to sell their slot.

Slot Swap Form:

The second form that we are adding to the store is the “Address Change” form. Many people are now working from home and so this will allow those who can no longer receive deliveries to their work address to receive them at home. 

Address Change Form:

These forms are a permanent addition to the store and will remain available even after the current COVID-19 crisis. We have all been affected by the current crisis and we want to let you know that we are still operational.