April 2021 Update


Round 2 

Aside from a select few orders, all of the CU65 Round 2 orders have been shipped! If you have not received your order, please feel free to contact us!

Round 3

CU65 Round 3 concluded earlier this week and we are happy to announce that the group buy was a success! We will be ordering a large number of extras and will have more news on when those will be available to pre-order shortly. 

The order will be submitted to manufacturers over the coming days. 


Round 3

CU80 Round 3 cases have entered production and PCB production is due to start early May!


Round 1

We are excited to confirm that the new sample pieces received in March were great and production was greenlit. The cases have been machined and will start to be anodised from next week. 

PCB production will be starting from early next week. We were hoping that both cases and PCBs would be complete at the same time but it seems that due to component shortages and longer lead times from component manufacturers, there is a slightly longer lead time. Nonetheless our manufacturer now has all of the components and production will begin next week. We are still on track to ship orders to customers in Q2 2021!

The design for the custom packaging has been confirmed but we are currently sourcing a suitable manufacturer. Once everything has been confirmed we will share the design with you!

Here are some images of the new CU7 (un-anodised):

In addition to this, we have also greenlit production for 500 extra units. We had ordered about 150 extra units but from the amount of requests received we have decided to add order a further 500 units meaning that there will be about 650 extras available. 

We will be opening up the store page again for customers to order from the extra 500 units in May. Switches will not be available and these 500 orders will be shipped after the original 1500 as the PCBs are expected to arrive as a second shipment. All 2000 cases will arrive together. 

We will reserve the original 150 units as spares for faulty / damaged / lost units but once we are confident that all issues have been resolved the remaining amount from the 150 will be available to order. 

GMK Stabiliser Refunds

We are currently processing the outstanding GMK stabiliser refunds and we hope that they will all be complete by 1st May. 

Aluminium Trays

The Aluminium Trays are currently in production. Once we have further news we will email all participants. We have ordered a large number to keep in-stock and these will be available to purchase / pre-order soon!


I LOVE ISO Deskmats are in-stock and available to order: https://caps-unlocked.com/in-stock-i-love-iso-deskmat/

Single Colour Deskmats

Last year we launched a group buy for single colour deskmats. This was well received and we really want to expand the single colour deskmats available on the market. We have decided to re-launch the single colour deskmats but using standard pantone colours. We will be starting with the 8 colours below: 


Brilliant White


Coral Pink




Green Ash


Mosaic Blue




Ultimate Gray



The deskmats will be available from £14.99(incVAT); they will initially be available via a group buy but we aim to keep them in-stock after this. The group buy will be launching in May.

GMK Fingerprints

It's official, we will be announcing our more information on our latest keycap set soon.

Other Projects

CU21 and CU1 are currently in the prototyping / testing phase! More info coming shortly!