As One Chapter Ends, Another Begins

capsunlocked was founded with the aim of providing customers in the UK and Europe with greater choice and variety of mechanical keyboards. We believe that over the past three years we have made a number of products more accessible to customers in the EU.

Despite all of this success, as with everything in life, change is inevitable; we must accept it, embrace it and evolve from it.

We will no longer be accepting Varmilo orders. We have developed a tremendous relationship with Varmilo over the past three years and we would like to thank them for their continuous support. Although we will stop accepting orders, we will still fulfill all orders that are outstanding and we will stil continue to support customers whom have purchased Varmilo keyboards in the past.

We would like to personally say thank you to Cynthia and Vicky for their support over these past few years. the level of support and service they have provided has been invaluable; they have been vital to the successful relationship between capsunlocked and Varmilo. We wish Varmilo all of the best in the future and can't wait to see the new and interesting products they release!

capsunlocked will still be accepting orders for Ducky, Leopold and Vortex keyboards.

We will now be focusing on producing and distributing our own mechanical keyboards and other related accessories. We are excited for the future of capsunlocked!