August 2020 Update

The aim of capsunlocked is to change the current shopping experience around custom mechanical keyboards. This doesn’t stop at simply releasing affordable keyboards, it must continue through to the product support and customer service.

Last Monday we announced that the CU65 Round 1 orders will be delayed as we were in the process of acquiring safety certification for a number of regions.

Since then we have read a lot of messages, emails and comments from customers questioning the CU65, the CU80, the way we handle group buys, our standard of customer service, our communication and our legitimacy as a company.

It’s tough to admit it but we realise that there are some underlying issues within our day-to-day operations that need to be improved in order to provide you with a better shopping experience.

One of the biggest issues that has been raised by customers is that we don’t communicate enough; although we are working on fulfilling group buys many of you feel that updates aren’t posted regularly enough.

To remedy this, we are going to take the following actions: 

  • At the beginning of each month we will release an update outlining the current statuses of open group buys, store updates, policy changes etc. If we change something, we will post it here. This is the first update.
  • Customers that have joined a group buy will be emailed at the beginning of each week with information about the respective group buy they have joined. Even if nothing has changed, we will let you know. These updates will also be posted to the store.
  • We have launched a new channel in our Discord server called “Town Hall”. Every Friday we will dedicate 2 hours, between 4PM and 6PM (GMT), to answer direct questions asked by yourselves about capsunlocked and our products. This doesn’t mean that we won’t be in Discord for the rest of the week, we just want to have a regular time each week where people know they can ask a question and get a rapid response.
  • No more “Soon” or “Update Being Posted Tomorrow”. Rather than teasing updates, we will only post them either on the dedicated days mentioned above or when we complete writing them. In addition to outlining the update schedule above we have also dedicated time internally to write updates, blog post and guides.

We hope that these changes will steer us in the right direction of providing you with the customer service that you deserve.

Product Updates


CU80 Round 1

  • Your replacement PCBs were ordered with the CU80 Round 2 PCBs as we promised. Once they arrive you will all be contacted (to verify shipping addresses) and be sent your replacement. 

CU80 Round 2

  • We have the cases and supporting components for the CU80 Round 2 orders but are missing the PCBs. We have halted production on the PCBs whilst we obtain the certifications we are in the process of applying for.
  • We have sent review units off to third parties and they are currently being tested and reviewed.
  • Uryftw will be building a CU80 on his Twitch stream (date will be posted here once it has been confirmed).

CU80 Round 3

  • We are suspending Round 3 and will provide refunds to all participants. Many have voiced their concerns about us running a third group buy when the second round has not been completed. We were wrong to start Round 3. 
  • All participants should receive their refunds within 5 working days. If you do not receive your refund within this time, please contact us. 


CU65 Round 1

  • All of the components are here with us and many of the assembled units have been built.
  • We have received advice from industry professionals to not send out any units until relevant certification has been obtained. 

CU65 Round 2

  • Thanks to everyone that joined the Round 2. It was the largest group buy so far; 315 units were ordered.
  • We are currently collating and checking all orders for potential issues and/or conflicts. If there are any issues with your order you will be contacted (if you don’t hear anything about your order specifically then assume everything is fine). 


  • We are currently finishing the design for the CU7.
  • Once the design is complete, we will apply for certifications and move into the prototyping phase.
  • We know this process has been slow, but we want to learn from issues that arose during the CU80 and CU65 group buys to ensure the CU7 group buy goes as smoothly as possible.
  • Thank you to everyone that is supporting the CU7. We really appreciate all of the kind words and it has been exciting to hear how many of you plan to use yours. 

CE, FCC and RoHS Certification

  • We have established several possible solutions and are now analysing each one before we make our final decision.
  • The length of the delay will depend on our decision and so we do not have an exact timeframe yet. 

General Updates

New Office

  • We are moving into our new office on the 10th August.
  • We have plans to install a more permanent photography set up so we can take more images. In addition to this we will be investing more time and resources into product videos and typing tests. At the moment we are working from home meaning that space is often limited.

Brand Ambassadors

  • We are currently speaking to several individuals in various locations to become our Brand Ambassadors.
  • Brand Ambassadors will be sent kits to review / build via YouTube, Twitch, Blogs and other Social Media Platforms.
  • If you review tech and have a sizeable following on your chosen platform, and are interested in becoming a brand ambassador, please contact us.

We hope this update has been helpful and we are open to your feedback. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask - the easiest way to contact us is via Email and Discord.