August 2021 Update

Hey Everyone!

It has been a busy month and we are excited to update you with all of the latest news regarding ongoing and upcoming group buys!

Ongoing Group Buys

CU7 Round 1, CU65 Round 3, CU80 Round 3

UK CU7 orders (non-extras) have been packed and shipped. UK CU80, CU65, Deskmats and Tray orders (original GB orders and extra orders) are steadily going out. 

We are currently working to ship the International CU7, CU65, CU80, Tray and Deskmat orders ASAP but are currently resolving several shipping issues with DPD before we can start to get these out. Once these issues are resolved we will start to ship International Orders. 

If you receive a tracking number but it doesn't update for some time, please note that we generate several hundred labels at the same time; the tracking number will update once your order is collected by DPD.

CU1 Round 1

The CU1 units will enter production in September. We will provide you with frequent development updates as soon as we receive them!

Upcoming Group Buys

CU65 Round 4

This group buy will start later this month. A couple of months ago 250 went into production and we can confirm that these units have been completed. We will be launching the group buy / pre-order for these units later this month. 

CU80 Round 4

The majority of the Round 3 orders are for UK customers. Once these are completed we will confirm the date for the next group buy. 

CU21 Round 1

CU21 is currently in the final stages of development. Group buy is expected to launch in September / October. 

CU7 Round 2

Once the current group buy has been fulfilled we will launch the next CU7 Group Buy. 

In-Stock Items

Deskmats and Trays are now in-stock and available to ship!

Other News

New Office / Warehouse

We are currently completing the move from our current office to the new office! We will post images once everything has been set up this month!