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BLOG POST #2 (30/09/2016)

Rewards System and Sale!

Rewards System

At CAPS UNLOCKED, we always wanted to give back to our customers, and one way of doing this is in the form of rewards.

In the past few months since CAPS UNLOCKED was established, we have received numerous orders and positive (and constructive) feedback from the community. However, the rewards system has taken somewhat of a backseat, as it quickly emerged that the system was not entirely fair for all customers.

In the first few months, customers received a small card with the invoice of their order that talked about the rewards they would soon receive. As more orders (of varying sizes) started to come through, we realised that the system was too vague, and would lead to a situation where some customers would be rewarded more frequently for several small orders, but customers with large orders would not be rewarded as often.

Today, CAPS UNLOCKED is outlining a new simple rewards system, that takes effect immediately. Now when a customer places an order, they will be eligible to receive 1 Point for every £10 that is spent on the CAPS UNLOCKED store (over all of your orders). If you spend £30, you will earn 3 Points. If you spend £35, you will still earn 3 Points. If you have placed an order with CAPS UNLOCKED before this announcement, you reward will be equal to the amount you have previously spent.

Question: I am a customer of CAPS UNLOCKED, how do I claim my rewards?
Great question! If you are an existing customer of CAPS UNLOCKED, and you want to redeem your points (or part of them), all you have to do is email CAPS UNLOCKED (via the Contact page), and inform us that you wish to do so. You will receive a code that you can use at checkout to reduce the cost of your order!

Question: I have just placed an order, but forgot to contact CAPS UNLOCKED to receive my rewards code, is there anyway I can use my rewards to reduce the cost of my order?
Yes! If you place an order, and want to use your rewards, just contact CAPS UNLOCKED, and we use your points and refund you that amount of money. Simple.

Question: When will my points expire?

We believe that this system is fair to all customers. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact CAPS UNLOCKED.


From today (30 / 09 / 2016) until 09 / 10 / 2016, there will be a site-wide sale! The sale will apply to all items on the store, and will be up to 15% on some items!

Please note, that points may not be used to reduce the cost of items on sale.

Thank you for reading,


20th Apr 2017

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