CU65: Everything You Need to Know About Round 2

It’s finally here – CU65 Round 2 starts on the 14th July! (cheer here!)

Firstly, the design is staying the same! Keeping the design as simple allows us to keep the CU65 as affordable as possible.

The kit features the following components:

  • Aluminium Top Case with Integrated Plate
  • Aluminium Base Plate
  • Aluminium Footbar
  • Rubber Foot (for the front of the case)
  • USB-C Multi-Hot-Swap PCB.
  • Foam Sheet
  • Screws


The Aluminium pieces are anodised and the only colour available is black. We know that many of you have requested new colours but due to coronavirus we feel that it would not be responsible to introduce changes to our manufacturing process as they may lead to delays.

The rubber foot and foam sheet are nice finishing touches to the kit. The aim of the foam sheet is to reduce the amount of ping enthusiasts might hear when typing and the rubber foot protects the front edge of the case.



The revolutionary multi-hot-swap PCB remains unchanged! This PCB supports the following options on the same PCB:

-Standard ISO

-Standard ANSI

-Split Backspace

-Stepped Caps Lock

-7u Spacebar

Here are visual guide of the layouts that the CU65 Supports: 

No other hot-swap 65% PCB gives users this much flexibility and we think that the CU65 is a great option for those that want to test out various layouts alongside standard ISO/ANSI.

Typing Tests 



The price of the base kit will be remaining at £129.99(inc VAT) and £108.33(ex VAT). 

Further Information

MOQ: 25 Units

GB Date: 14th July - 1st August

Estimated Lead Time: 3 Months

“What are you changing from Round 1?” We are not offering a cable with the kit due to our supply chain being affected. In addition to this we will not be offering an assembly service. We apologise if any of these changes cause any inconvenience.


Will there be any Proxies? No. 

Do you provide worldwide shipping? Yes.

Will you have extras after the GB ends? Yes although the number has not been confirmed. 

Where do you ship from? All units will be shipped from the UK. 

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