CU7 Round 1 - Extras

Hi Everyone! In this post we will outline our plan regarding CU7 extras!

After the group buy ended in January we placed an order for 1500 cases and 1750 PCBs; about 100 of each were reserved for spares.

Several weeks ago we ordered a further 500 cases (2000 total) and 500 PCBs (2250 total) from our manufacturers. These will be reserved as extras.

All 2000 cases are currently being packed and will arrive here in the UK over the coming weeks. The first batch of PCBs (1750) will be completed over the coming weeks and we aim to receive these late-May/early-June. The second batch of PCBs (500) will arrive in June. The first orders that will be completed will be for customers that joined the group buy several months ago.

Extras will be available to purchase from Monday 17th May. The price will be the same as the group buy and discount codes will be mailed to everyone on our mailing list (link below! ).

We really appreciate the support from the community for the CU7, and all of our products, and we can’t wait to start shipping them out in June.

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