CU7 Round 2: Everything You Need to Know

In this update we will be providing you with all of the information you need to know regarding the CU7 Round 2 group buy. 

Despite the design of the case and PCB remaining the same, we are excited to introduce a white version alongside the black version!

To achieve the white finish, the Aluminium cases will be cerakoted with Bright White. We are really happy with the finish of the samples which can be seen in images below. The white cases and dials will be cerakoted here in the UK, whereas the black Aluminium components will be anodised in China prior to shipping.  The base plate for both the white and black CU7's will be black.


As many of you are aware the prices of raw materials and components have risen, affecting many businesses and products, including ours. 

The price of the CU7 will be as follows: 

  • Black Case: £69.99(inc VAT) / £58.33 (ex VAT)
  • White Case: £79.99(inc VAT) / £66.66 (ex VAT)

Optional Extras

  • Kailh Box Switches (Box Red, Box Black, Box White, Box Brown) (pack of 10): £4.99 (inc VAT) / £4.16 (exVAT)
  • Extra PCB: £24.99 (inc VAT) / £20.83 (ex VAT)
  • Kit Excluding PCB (for those that want the case only or already own a PCB): £44.99 (inc VAT) / £37.49 (ex VAT)

Group Buy Information

White Case MOQ: 100

Black Case MOQ: None

Start Date: 14th September 2021

End Date: 5th October 2021

Expected Fulfilment Date: Q1 2022


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