(CU80) Hardware is HARD.

We know the CU80 group buy and fulfilment hasn’t been as smooth as possible, but we want to let you know that we are here, working to make sure that you get the product you deserve and expect. This post will outline the current status of the group buy and the steps being taken to reduce any further potential issues.

The Case and PCB

In order to fix a problem, you need to know the problem. We have been getting a few emails from customers detailing various issues – it’s great that you have been so vocal, but we need all of the issues in one central place.

We have created a Quality Control and Feedback form (all CU80 GB Participants will be emailed this but you can click here to see it) where you can officially log any issues. We think that it is important to have all the issues in one place because it will hope us spot any potential trends.

The new PCB (the one with RGB LEDs) is still being designed and we expect to order a prototype by the end of the month, but our priority is finding a reputable PCB manufacturer. We will definitely not be using the previous manufacturer for either the new CU80 PCB or the CU65 PCB.


A few users have reported that the cluster of keys around the ‘PrintScreen Key’ are not working at all and we think this is because a few of these keys were used to control the (currently non-existant) RGB LEDs. We have created new firmware and it will be uploaded to QMK shortly – we will post a flashing guide over the coming days which will tell you have to install the new firmware.


Admittedly we made a conscious decision to make the packaging as cost-efficient because we wanted to put as many Pounds into the CU80 design as possible. In hindsight we think we should have increased the budget for packaging as the unboxing experience is an important part of receiving a new product!

We are working hard to come up with a packaging alternative that will be available when we start shipping out orders again.

To conclude; all of the components have been produced and are currently with us but we want to make sure that everything is in working order before we start shipping them out again. We are hoping to start shipping orders over the next couple of weeks. We know that this seems like a long time, but we need to get this right and we think that this delay will lead to fewer issues in the future.