CU80 Round 2: Everything You Need to Know About the Upcoming Group Buy

It’s finally here!

Now that the first group buy has concluded, we are excited to announce that Round 2 will be going live on the 13th April 2020! The group buy will end on the 27th April and we expect a lead time of 2 months.

All of the features from Round 1 remain but the case will only be available in black and not grey. Want the full feature list? Check out the GB page!

In addition to this the Barebones Kit will start at an incredibly low £99.99(inc VAT)! We are still working to have an assembled version with keycaps and switches but at this point this option looks unlikely. The CU80 is the perfect custom mechanical keyboard kit for those looking to build their first custom mechanical keyboard.

We are excited to bring such an affordable custom kit to the mechanical keyboard community and we can't wait for the group buy to start! 

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