Everything You Need to Know About the CU7 (and the Upcoming Group Buy)

The CU7 group buy is only a few hours away from launch and this post will inform you about the features and specs of our new macropad.

The CU7 is a 6-key macropad with a rotary encoder. It features a custom aluminium top case (integrated plate), custom aluminium dial, aluminium base plate, rubber feet and matte black PCB. 

The CU7 supports QMK and each of the buttons and rotary encoder can be reprogrammed to suit your specfic use case. 

Want to have a media controller to turn up the tunes and help you get through these trying times? No problemo! Want to use the CU7 for media production? You can do that as well (p.s. if you do create content with the CU7 please send us a link)! 

PCB Specs

The PCB is entirely custom and will be supported via QMK/VIA. The PCB features Kailh Hot-Swap sockets meaning that you can swap new switches in and out without the need to desolder and re-solder each time. 

The CU7 PCB will feature 6 x RGB SMD LEDs that sit directly underneath each switch. The PCB supports all MX-style switches (3-pin and 5-pin) but not Low Profile Switches. 

The PCB has 1 x USB-C port.

Rotary Encoder / Dial Specs

The encoder is detentless, which means that there are no clicks or defined ends - it's entirely smooth. In addition to being a dial, the encoder is also a button and can be pressed! 

5th Dec Update - Please note that the encoder does have 36 detents but is fairly smooth. Here is the full spec sheet for the encoder: 


What's in the box? 

  • Aluminium Top Case
  • Aluminium Dial 
  • PCB
  • Aluminium Base Plate
  • 2x Rubber Feet
  • Screws

Group Buy Information 

  • Launch Date: 5th December 2020
  • End Date: 5th January 2021
  • MOQ: 25
  • Expected Fulfillment Date: Q2 2021


  • Do you ship worldwide? Yes
  • Where will my order be shipped from? We will ship all orders from the United Kingdom. 
  • Will extras be available after the group buy? Yes.

When we announced the CU7 in March we didn't anticipate the amount of support that would be expressed for this product. The CU7 was born out of the desire to have a clean solution to control media and we are grateful for the support it has received over the past few months. 

Thank you to everyone that has and will support the CU7, we really appreciate it and can't wait to see it integrated within all of your setups!

Store Page: https://caps-unlocked.com/cu7/