February (and January)  2021 Update

Ummm...Happy New Year? January was an exciting but busy month for us and in this update we will communicate the current status of open and upcoming group buys alongside store changes whilst also summarising news from January.


Round 2

In January we started shipping CU65 R2 units but decided to focus on CU80 R2 units first. We are excited to tell you  that CU80 R2 orders have been packed and we have started packing CU65 R2 orders again.

DHL Tracking numbers have been generated and these orders will be sent first. Hermes tracking numbers will be sent out over the next 48 hours and will be shipping second. Royal Mail orders will be shipping last and these tracking numbers are generated when we drop them off at our post office. 

We have learnt a lot over the past few months of non-stop shipping and our packing times at capsunlocked HQ are getting better (we promise!). 

CU65 units will start to go out again from Thursday.  


Round 1

Round 1?! Yep, we are fulfilling our promise to our "Day Ones"; the 75 customers that first supported our crazy vision of an affordable custom keyboard. 

This time last year we shipped out a sub-optimal CU80 PCB but promised customers that we would happily provide them with a fixed and improved version - now that time has come. You stood by us, you trusted us, you believed in us and now we are repaying the debt. Below is a form that R1 users can complete to claim their free R2 PCB. 

Round 2

CU80 R2 units have been packed and the last batch will be shipping tomorrow! In a few days almost 400 people around the world will be using a CU80. Thank you for supporting the dream of affordable mechanical keyboards. We know the journey has been long but hope you all enjoy the destination.

Round 3

Round 3 will be launching on Monday 8th February and will close on Sunday 28th February. We are working on a full blog post that will go into further detail but here's the big news; the kit will start from £74.99 ex VAT. A custom mechanical keyboard kit with this many features for £89.99 inc VAT, who else provides better value for money? When we say we want to bring afforable customs to the market we really mean it. 


Thank you. Seriously, thank you. In December (and again in January) we were blown away with the support shown for the CU7. 1300+ units were purchased and we have confirmed an order with our manufacturer for 1500 units. 

So what has happened since the group buy ended? 

We are excited to announce that the CU7 has passed testing and complies with FCC SDoC, CE-LVD, CE-EMC and RoHS safety directives. 

Our production samples arrived in early-January and they are BEAUTIFUL! We are really happy with the samples and production quality. 

Over the past month we have been testing the samples and we are making several changes that improve the CU7. 

  • We are changing the encoder from one with detents (Alps Alpine Part No. EC11E18244AU) to a smooth encoder (Alps Alpine Part No. EC11E153440D). We were torn on this because we love both but the feedback we received from community via a feedback form shifted the decision in the smooth encoders favour. 
  • We are adding a thread to the side of the dial that, via a grub screw, will secure the dial to the encoder. We feel the dial is too loose at the moment for those that wish to travel with the CU7 and this screw ensure that the dial won't come loose and be damaged.

  • We are removing several of the PCB mount screws as they are unecessary and removing them doesn't affect the stability of the PCB. 

We will be ordering new sample cases, dials and PCBs to test these changes before production begins. These samples will be ordered after Chinese New Year and production will start late February. 

CU7 Encoder Sound Video


Aluminium Trays

Aluminium Tray samples are en route! As soon as they arrive we will review the quality of them and post images all over social media! We hope to launch the group buy by late-Feb/early-March. 


I LOVE ISO Deskmats are in-stock and available to purchase! Click the link below and order yours today!



So many forms! Here are the current forms that can be used to communicate address changes, issue and feedback with us. 

Address Change Form (v2)

Moved house? Working from home? No worries, complete this form and we will update your shipping address within a timely manner. 


Product Issue Form

Did your delivery driver drop-kick your order over your neighbour's fence? No problem, complete the form below and tell us if anything is damaged or not working as intended! We aim to try and resolve issues as best as we can but please note that there are limited parts so may not be able to cover damage caused by courier companies. We will work with you to claim any suitable compensation. 


Product Testimonial Form

We want to hear your thoughts on our products so that we can improve for the future. In addition to this we want to post your reviews on the website and social media to inform other about your experience using our products. Please complete the form below to submit your testimonials and product reviews!


Brexit and Additional Import VAT for EU Customers

Since shipping CU65 and CU80 R2 units many EU customers have informed us that they are being asked to pay addiitonal import VAT. We have investigated this issue and we regret to inform you that customer in the EU may need to pay additional import VAT on their orders. 

In December we informed customers that, based on information provided to us from DHL, customers would not need to pay adiditonal VAT as these products were purchased in 2020. Unfortunately it appears that this information was incorrect. 

We regret to inform you that as a small business we are unable to cover any additional import VAT generated. We understand that this is extremely frustrating. 

Interest Forms

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Thanks for reading this months update! We are excited for 2021 and we can't wait to show you our fourth keyboard. ;)