How to Claim for your GMK Stabiliser Refund.

Hi Everyone!

Earlier this year we were unable to supply GMK stabilisers with CU80 and CU65 Round 2 group buys and this guide will cover how to claim your refund or store credit if you did purchase these as an optional extra during either of these group buys. 

How to Claim

Step 1: Identify whether you were in either of these group buys:

  • CU65 Round 2
  • CU80 Round 2

Step 2: Check your order to see if you purchased GMK stabilisers (and how many). 

Step 3: Determine whether you would like store credit or a monetary refund. 

Step 3.1: If you would like store credit, please go to the last step. If you would like to submit a PayPal request, please continue reading.

Step 4: If you would like to submit a PayPal request, please use the table below to determine how much you are eligible for. 

PayPal Table

Location Amount (inc VAT) Amount (ex VAT)
United Kingdom £15.72 -
EU £15.81 -
Non-EU - £13.20

Step 5: Once you have completed the previous steps please email gmkrefund(@) with your order number, your choice between refund or store credit and the amount. Once this has been confirmed, we will provide you with information on submitting it to our PayPal account as well as an invoice confirming the refund.

Please note that if you paid using Stripe you will not need to submit a PayPal request as we can still process partial refunds via Stripe. Square and PayPal users will need to submit PayPal requests. If you would like a refund nad you paid via Stripe please let us know via the email above.

Refund requests will start to be processed from Friday 2nd April.