International Orders Update for CU7 R1, CU65 R3 and CU80 R3, Deskmats, Trays and Extras!

In this update we would like to provide International (non-UK) customers with more information about the status of their order(s) and when you can expect to receive them. This blog post is regarding the following products:

  • CU7 R1
  • CU65 R3
  • CU80 R3
  • Aluminium Trays
  • Deskmats (Collection 2)
  • Extras

We are happy to confirm that the products listed above are currently with us in the UK. We have been fulfilling UK orders and are happy with the final products received from suppliers.

Several months ago we streamlined our shipping providers from Hermes, Royal Mail and DHL, solely to DPD. This was because we wanted to work with a distributor that could handle all shipping, Domestic and International.

Domestically we are extremely satisfied with DPD’s services, and many UK customers have been using their products from the group buys listed above for several weeks. Despite this we have been experiencing several issues with importing international shipping addresses into DPD’s shipping client. We have been working to resolve these issues alongside DPD and are happy to say that shipping labels are now being generated for non-EU customers. Although non-EU customers are now receiving tracking information, we would like to inform you that most EU addresses are currently being rejected by DPD’s system. Neither us, nor DPD, are aware of what is causing these issues to be rejected but it is being looked into.

Whilst we resolve the issues with shipping to EU countries, we will continue to ship to all of the customers that are not affected.

We are steadily printing international labels for group buy orders and extras; if you have not received any tracking info at the time of reading this, please note that there are about 1500+ labels that need to be printed.

We apologise for this delay, and we hope that future group buys are not affected by this issue. We would like to confirm that this is not an issue relating to any of our suppliers and simply a logistics issue. We are working hard to make sure that you receive your order as soon as possible.