Introducing "I LOVE ISO", our way of supporting mechanical keyboard communities.

Mechanical keyboard meetups are important events for the community. Meetups bring everyone together to show side-projects, test new products and discuss the latest and greatest in the mechanical keyboard scene.

Since the cancellation of the London Meetup, we have been looking at ways that we can help support meetups in the UK and Europe.

Today we are announcing “I LOVE ISO”, the slogan behind a range of products that will directly benefit future meetups in Europe.

How will it work? Whenever you buy a product from the “I LOVE ISO” range, we will commit 50% of the profits from the sale to help fund future meetups in that region. For example, if you buy an “I LOVE ISO UK” t-shirt we will send 50% of the profits from that sale to the organisers to help them fund meetups in the UK and the same will apply to other regions.

How will you know that we are really giving this money to organisers? We will be releasing regular reports (monthly/quarterly is TBD) that will list total sales and profit generated. We want to be as transparent as possible, supporting the community is the main goal for us.

We are still confirming the first set of products, but the “I LOVE ISO UK” white and black designs can be seen below -  we hope you like it as much as we do! This design will be applied to apparel and accessories; we will release designs soon (we are taking more time to confirm everything as there are no upcoming meetups). 

The initial product range will be for ISO-UK users, but we want to expand this to other European communities if this is well received. 

capsunlocked owns the "I LOVE ISO" branding but it was designed by Craig Hawkes for capsunlocked. Check out the rest of his work here: