It's official, the CU80 is happening!

Hey, did you hear? The CU80 is officially happening! :D

We are pleased to announce that the CU80 was a resounding success! The original MOQ (25 units) was absolutely smashed and in total 71 units were ordered when the GB closed!

We would like to thank the community and our customers for the support received during this group buy. We spent most of the year refining the design of the CU80 and it is exciting and reassuring that other believe in our vision of making custom mechanical keyboards more accessible!

Great news, what’s next? We will be sending out an email to customers who joined the GB to let them know about the great news, the estimated timeline and when they can expect future updates. In addition to this we are working on a group buy status page that will be going live shortly. This means that anyone can check the status of the CU80, at any time, to see how everything is coming along!

We will be working hard with our manufacturers to ensure that the CU80 is produced to the highest standards to ensure that everyone who uses the CU80 with have a pleasant typing/gaming experience. We have already changed some aspects of the CU80 such as increasing the length of the footbar underneath (you can see the new design below) and adding a foam layer under the PCB. 

In addition to this we are now working on new keyboards with different layouts; we can’t wait to reveal our next product later this year!

Once again, thanks to everyone who made this possible and thank you for reading this blog post!


P.S. We will be stocking a limited amount of CU80 extras on the store for those that missed out on the group buy!