June 2021 Update

New Office and Warehouse

We are excited to announce that we have confirmed the lease to our new office and warehouse! We can't wait to share more images and posts of the space over the coming weeks! We are aiming to move in August.


Round 3

CU65 R3 PCBs are expected to ship from China later this week / early next week! Once they arrive they will undergo final QC before being shipped out. 

Extra units are available to purchase here: https://caps-unlocked.com/cu65-round-3-extras/

Extras are expected to ship Q3 2021 with the rest of the CU65 orders.


Round 3

CU80 R3 cases and PCBs have arrived; we have checked them for quality and are extremely happy with them! We are currently waiting for the washers to arrive before shipping begins!


Round 1

CU7 cases and PCBs are with us! We have been working with a CNC company in the UK to fix our faulty dials and we are happy with the solution they have proposed and work will begin shortly. In the meantime we are continuing to prepare units for shipping. 

A handful of extra units remain and are available to purchase from here: https://caps-unlocked.com/cu7-extras/


The CU1 group buy launched last week and has received tremendous support! Thank you to everyone that has joined the group buy so far!

Aluminium Trays

Aluminium Trays have arrived and we are extremely happy with the quality! Unfortunately the rubber feet are not up to the standard that we expected and so we are waiting for the replacements to arrive before shipping them out! 

Single Colour Deskmats

Single colour deskmats should be leaving China this week! As soon as they arrive we will start posting them out! 

Durock Switches

Durock Switches are now in-stock and avaialble to order!

Click here to order yours today: https://caps-unlocked.com/in-stock-durock-switches...