London Mechanical Keyboard Meetup: Everything You Need To Know

The London 2020 Meetup has been confirmed and will take place on 28th March 2020!

The meetup is being organised by the several users that are involved with the UK mechanical keyboard community and is expected to be the largest UK meetup to date with 200 tickets available!

What is a mechanical keyboard meetup?

We will be releasing a separate blog post to answer this but basically meetups are community events that bring both community members, old and new, and retailers (we’ll be there!) together to try different keyboards, keycaps, switches and various other accessories!

Meetups are a great way to try new products before you invest and meet the people behind those products. In addition to this there are usually interesting talks, contests and giveaways that are engaging and fun!

More than 100 tickets have been sold since tickets went on sale - if you are interested in attending, then please get your ticket as soon as possible! We have been informed by the organisers that if more than 120 tickets are sold then attendees will be getting custom keycaps! 

Click the link below to purchase your ticket; we can inform you that the general location is in Central London and is easily accessible, but the exact location will be sent to you once you purchase a ticket. We do not profit or take any share from any ticket sales.

“What will capsunlocked be showing?” we hear you ask…well…we will be taking the CU80, CU65 and hopefully revealing other super-secret products!

We are excited for this meetup (it's the largest one yet!) and can't wait to meet you all! :)

Purchase your ticket here: