Making the Switch

What is Making the Switch? 

We've realised that a lot of people are interested in purchasing their first mechanical keyboard but are unsure about the benefits and features making it hard to determine which might be the best for them. 

To solve this problem, we have decided to start Making the Switch. 

Making the switch is a blog topic that aims to answer some of the common questions people frequently ask us about mechanical keyboards, in-turn we hope that these answers will help you decide which mechanical keyboard you want to invest in. 

We will start by answering common questions such as "Which layout is best for me?", "What are the best switches?" and "Which keycaps should I buy?" but we will also answer some harder and more technical questions as the weeks progress. We hope that these blog posts will be informative and enable you to make the switch from a membrane keyboard to a mechanical keyboard!

Want to ask something specific? No problem! Send us an email and we will do our best to provide you with an informative and fulfilling answer. In addition to this, if we really like your question, we may publicly post your question and the answer on Making the Switch so that everyone can learn and be informed!

We will be publishing new Making the Switch posts frequently; if you want to stay updated, follow us on Twitter and Instagram!