May 2021 Update


Round 3

CU65s Round 3 order are currently in production and are expected to ship later this year! We will update you all as soon as we have more information! 

Extra units are available to purchase here:

Extras are expected to ship Q3 2021 with the rest of the CU65 orders. 


Round 3

CU80 Round 3 cases and PCBs have been produced and are being prepared for shipping from China to us. We expect to receive them over the next 2 weeks. We expect to start shipping the CU80 R3 orders by late-June.


Round 1

CU7 cases have arrived and are currently undergoing QC. We have noticed that a large proportion of the dials are off by 0.1mm meaning that they will not fit onto the encoders. We do have dials that are suitable and will be shipping orders with those whilst we work with the manufacturer to replace/re-work the faulty dials. This is dissapointing for us as we were hoping to get all of the orders out within the same time period although we have been assured that the lead time for new dials is only a couple of weeks. 

CU7 PCBs should arrive over the next couple of weeks. Once they arrive we will start prepping orders to be shipped to you!

We are also including an Allan Key with every order for the grub screw located inside the dial. 

A handful of extra units remain and are available to purchase from here:


Say hello to the CU1! A single programmable rotary encoder! The CU1 features the same dial design as the CU7 and so any custom dials we release in the future will be suitable for both! The kit will be available from £29.99(incVAT). 

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Over the past few months we have been looking at layouts for our next mechanical keyboard and a couple of weeks ago we announced the CU70! This kit is still in the concept stages but we hope to release more information about this unique layout soon!

Aluminium Trays

Aluminium Trays have been produced and are being prepared to be shipped to us! We expect to start shipping these orders out in June.

Single Colour Deskmats

Single Colour deskmat group buy was a success and production has started. We expect these to ship from China later this month.

Durock Switches

Durock Switches are now in-stock and avaialble to order!

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