November 2020 Update

We are excited to announce that the CU65, CU80 ANSI and CU80 ISO have been tested and have been found to comply with the following safety directives:

  • CE-EMC
  • CE-LVD
  • FCC SDoC
  • RoHS

This is a momentous occasion for our products and brand and it means that we can proceed with shipping out existing orders and continue with designing new ones. We really appreciate the support and patience shown by our customers over the past few months – we know that this process has caused a lot of inconvenience but we can now move forward and continue supplying you with our products.


Round 1

  • Round 1 orders are finally being packed and ready for shipping. We are only waiting for the safety labels which were meant to arrive early this week (2nd Nov – 8th Nov) but it seems that the printer will be delivering them early next week (9th - 15th Nov). Other than that the orders are ready to be shipped and no further delays are expected.
  • Customers will start getting their tracking numbers over the next few days. We have no set schedule of which orders will be going out first.
  • We are still looking at providing a small amount of compensation for those that joined Round 1 and will release more information when a decision has been made.

Round 2

  • CU65 Round 2 orders have entered production! Assuming that there are no extensive delays, we are aiming to start shipping out units in December. We will be sending out images and videos of production over the next few weeks.


Round 1 and 2

  • Similar to CU65 Round 2, the CU80 PCBs have entered production and we are expecting to receive them in December.


  • We have completed the design of the CU7. Unfortunately, due to issues with power delivery we have removed the hub functionality and only 1xUSB-C remains. This was a tough decision to make but we believe that it was the right one.
  • Once prototypes have arrived, we will be posting images and videos prior to the group buy in December. We are still expecting to start the CU7 group buy in December.