November 2021 Update

Hi Everyone! It's been an extremely busy month getting out CU80, CU65 and CU7 group buy orders and in this update we will inform you of all latest information regarding current group buy / store news!

Open Group Buys

CU7 Round 1, CU65 Round 3 and CU80 Round 3

International orders have been shipping throughout the month and we are working hard to ship the majority of the remaining orders from these three group buys by Friday 26th November. 

If your order has shipped and has been with customs for a few days please check your email as DPD often hand over international parcels to different couries (DHL, Fedex etc) and you might have received a customs bill from one of those couriers. 

If you have not received a tracking number, please check this public Google Sheet that has a list of the un-printed labels:

If your order is not on the list, please check your email account's Spam / Junk folder as you have most likely been issued a tracking number and your label has been created. 


> Question: I received a tracking number in September but have not received my order. Where is it? 
>>Answer: Please discard any tracking info you received in September as this is incorrect. 

> Question: I have received a tracking number late-October / early-November but my tracking info has not been updated.
>> Answer: A large number of labels were printed late-October / early-November. These orders have been going out steadily over the past few weeks.

CU7 Round 2 

We placed two orders with the manufacturers, one for the group buy and the second was ordered from proxies. First batch of PCBs are complete and the second batch should be complete in December. Cases will be done in December.

We have about 225 - 250 CU7 sets that were due to be purchased by a proxy but will no longer be purchased by them. To save shipping costs and avoid these units sitting in China, these orders will  be available to order from Monday 29th November. All units will be expected to be completed in December and will most likely be shipping to customers in January. 

CU7 Round 2 Production Images

CU1 Round 1

CU1 Cases are complete and will be shipping with the CU7 cases in December. 

CU1 PCBs are also complete however our manufacturer has experienced inconsistencies with loading the firmware onto the produciton PCBs and have sent a few production units to us so that we can remedy any firmware issues. 

CU1 Production Images

Upcoming Group Buys

CU65 R3.5 and CU7 R2.5

As mentioned previously units that will no longer be purchased by third parties but have either been produced (CU65) or in production (CU7 Round 2)  will be available to purchase from Monday 29th November. Only 225 CU7 units and 225 CU65 Round 3 units are available to order. 

CU80 Round 4, CU21 Round 1, TS63.5 and LS 63.5 Switches

These group buys will be launching in December and bundle deals will be available. More information will be released in the coming weeks. 

Black Friday Sale

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