October 2020 Update

Product Updates


  • The CU65 has passed testing and has been officially certified to comply with the following safety directives: CE-EMC, CE-LVD and FCC SDoC!
  • We are waiting for the CU80 ISO to pass the RoHS testing, as this result will be applied to the CU65 as well. We believe that we will pass RoHS testing as our manufacturers, and the components used, all comply with RoHS.
  • Once we achieve RoHS we will start shipping out CU65 R1 orders and begin producing CU65 R2 orders!
  • We aim to start shipping CU65 R1 orders within 2-3 weeks and we aim to start shipping CU65 R2 orders before the New Year.


  • CU80 ANSI and ISO testing will begin late next week when the factories and testing houses in China return to work.
  • Once testing is completed, which should be by the end of the month, we will continue production of CU80 R2 orders.
  • We aim to start shipping CU80 R2 orders before the New Year and will keep customers updated.


  • We have returned to the previous interface of 2xUSB-A and 1xUSB-C.
  • We aim to release more product and group buy information this month!

Deskmat Group Buy

  • Deskmats have been shipped but we have learnt that our manufacturer sent them via train which is one of the slowest methods available. We expect to receive them by early/mid-October.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via email or Discord.