Spring Cleaning 2021

Hi Everyone!

We hope you are all safe and well! 

We are fortunate to say that over the past few months we have seen an increased amount of orders and interest being expressed in our products; we are grateful for the support you have shown and we can't wait to show you what else we are working on. Having said this however we have noticed that some areas within the business have not scaled well or not been maintained to accomodate the increase. In this blog post we will be outlining some problems that we have noticed and how we will be cleaning them up. 

capsunlocked Store

These issues/solutions are store specific. 

1) Access to product updates need to be easier.

As you might notice the homepage is slightly outdated, this is due to us taking time to work out which content needs to be front and centre. We will be added a large panel on the homepage that will take you directly to the product/group buy updates section which should make it easier to locate the latest gb news and information!

2) "I missed out on the latest GB, is there an interest list I can sign up to? Where is it?"

We maintain interest lists for almost all of our products including a general list. We want to improve the visibilty of the sign up forms and are looking at ways to achieve this. An alternative solution we are considering is to merge all of the current lists and only maintain one email list. More information on this solution is detailed below. 

3) "Where are the product guides?"

Admittedly whilst we have a product support page we don't have a clear section for guides but this is being worked on and will be launching soon. The guides will cover assembly and answers to QMK questions / issues. 

4) "I can't sign into my account." and "I didn't receive an order confirmation."

These issues are more recent and we are working with BigCommerce to understand why this is happening. In the meantime, if you didn't receive an order confirmation we will be more than happy to manually supply you with it!

capsunlocked Support

Since the start of the new year we have seen a large increase in the number of emails, tweets, DMs etc received; it's great that you want to talk to us but our current system isn't efficient enough to continuously track issues. We don't have ticketing or RMA systems in place that would be suitable for the amount of requests we get and so we have started to work with Zendesk to improve our customer support. 

We think that by using Zendesk questions, issues, returns will be dealt with more quickly rather than standard email. 

In addition to this Zendesk will allow us to develop a Community Forum and a Knowledge Base that you can use to find the answers to questions before contacting us. 

We know it is stressful when you have an issue and you don't hear a reply for several days and this is currently a priority for us. 

Please note: For the past couple of weeks we have been experiencing issues sending/receiving emails and are working to catchup on all outstanding emails. We apologise for any inconvenience caused. 


We are considering merging all of the current interest lists into one. This will mean that everyone receives all of the latest group buy info and discount codes but it will mean that you might receive emails about products you are not interested in. We understand that this may be an inconvenience for some and if this change is implemented then you will be able to opt out of receiving any further communication via email. 

What are your thoughts on this change? Let us know!

capsunlocked Discord

We will be streamlining the channels in our server. It's clear which ones are being used and which ones have essentially no activity.

In addition to this, over the past few months several users that have a lot of experience building keyboards and using QMK have been helping those new to mechanical keyboards / custom keyboards by answering FAQs. We are working to create new roles for these users that will make them more recognisable and make it easier who to mention for help. 

Click here to join our Discord: https://discord.gg/M6XfE5f


The current full time team at capsunlocked is quite small, think greater than 0 but less than 2, and many of you have noticed that "we" really means "me". Whilst I enjoy the workload one person can only respond to so many emails on their own each day and it has become apparent that more permanent members of staff are required to help scale the business. I have officially started the recruitment process and I hope that the added manpower will allow the business to grow and relieve some of the pressures experienced recently. It's extremely exciting to be in the position to recruit new members of staff and I wouldn't be able to do it without you!


  • Improvements being made to the store to improve visibility of group buy updates. 
  • Improvements and alterations to existing interest lists being explored. 
  • Issues regarding the inability to sign into accounts and not receiving order confirmations being investigated. 
  • Moving support to Zendesk over the coming weeks to improve customer service. 
  • Community Forums and Knowledge Bases via Zendesk being explored. 
  • Discord server becoming more refined and making helpful users more visible. 
  • Recruitment!