[Store News] Classifieds Board {Beta}

Since Spring many of us have had experienced and have had to adapt to monumental changes in our daily lives. The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted working and leisure activities; none of us have been left unaffected.

Over the past few months we have seen tremendous demand for our products, and we appreciate all of the support received by our customers. In addition to this however we have also received a significant number of messages from customers informing us that their financial situation has changed since they joined the group buy and they can no longer participate in their respective group buy.

Due to the process of group buys, we do not offer refunds once a group buy closes and production starts; we do however realise that this year has been far from normal and we have been reflecting on this policy.

Today we are announcing “Classifieds Board”, a solution that will allow those that wish to exit a group buy the opportunity to sell their group buy order to someone willing to join the group buy.

How It Works:

  • Customer A (the original group buy participant / the seller)
  • Customer B (the new group buy participant / the buyer)
  1. Customer A completes the Classifieds Board Google Form informing us of their order number and that they would like to sell this order.
  2. We review this submission and list it on the Classifieds Board Page and add it to the Classifieds Board Product Page. These pages will be updated once every Tuesday Evening (GMT).
  3. Customer B reads through the orders on the Classifieds Board Page and finds an order they would like to purchase.
  4. Customer B goes to the Classifieds Board Store Page and selects the order from the dropdown menu and proceeds to checkout.
  5. We inform Customer A that their slot has been purchased and provide them with a refund.
  6. We ship the order to Customer B.

We don’t guarantee that your order will be purchased, and we will not advertise specific orders, simply the Classifieds Board as a whole. If your order is listed but remains unsold up to the point where we have your products, then your order will be removed from the Classifieds Board and your order will be shipped to you. It is entirely your choice if you wish to sell it via a third-party (i.e MechMarket) once you have received the product. Please note that we are not responsible for trades/sales gone wrong via third-party services/marketplaces. If your order is purchased, you will not be able to re-purchase it.

For the first 2 weeks we will only be listing the first 5 submissions (first week will be the first five and the second week will list the next five). This is because we want to test the process to see if there are any faults. We hope that this solution will be fair to everyone and we will implement any necessary changes.

Google Form: https://forms.gle/ARhviPUEJAo6fSDq8

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via the contact us form or via Discord.