CU65 Round 1

Weekly Update #5 (25-09-2020)

Hi Everyone!

In this update we will inform you about the current status of the CU65 (Rounds 1 and 2) and CU80 Round 2.

The CU65s were shipped last week and have been undergoing testing this week; we have been informed that the tests are going well but are still eagerly waiting for the final test results to be published before we make any announcements.

The CU80s will be shipping this week. Why the delay? We sent several units to reviewers and had to recall them and then re-build them. 

As soon as we have more information on the status of either the CU80 or CU65 we will let you know immediately. Thank you for your patience!

If you have any questions, please feel free to email or join our Discord Server! :)

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Weekly Update #4 (11-09-2020)

Hi Everyone!

In this update we will inform you about the current status of the CU65 (Rounds 1 and 2) and CU80 Round 2.

We have finalised the paperwork; completing the paperwork, and understanding which parts were relevant to us, took longer than expected but we will be sending it over to the PCB manufacturer today. The application implied that we needed to create items such as manuals, but we were recently informed that they won’t be necessary and will most likely not be providing one in the box.

We are now preparing samples of the CU65 and CU80 to send for testing.

We will be applying for the following tests:

  • CE-EMC
  • CE-LVD
  • RoHS

Testing is expected to take the following amount of time:

  • CU65: 2 weeks.
  • CU80 (ANSI and ISO): About 1 month.

The reason testing is expected to take so long is that we have a limited number of samples to send and so tests, particularly on the CU80 can not be carried out simultaneously. Had we known about this we would have produced more prototypes but going forward we will be producing a greater quantity of CU7 prototypes.

The PCB manufacturer is confident that we will pass the tests and we look forward to start shipping your products to you. Thank you for your patience and support, we really appreciate it.


Weekly Update #3.1 (29-08-2020)

This is the second update issued the week ending (30-08-2020).
This week we have been working to complete the paperwork required by the testing house for the CU65, CU80 (ANSI) and CU80 (ISO).

We have made tremendous progress and aim to have the paperwork complete by next week. The paperwork (which will most likely take longer to complete than the actual test) is being completed as thoroughly as possible to give the keyboards the best possible chance of passing the testing phase. In addition to this we need to complete tasks such as creating manuals for users meaning that you will be getting one in the box when the keyboards ship.

Applying for certification has taught us a lot about the approach that we have taken to designing products up until this point and we are actively taking steps to avoid this from happening again. We have several unannounced products that we were hoping would be announced at this time but we understand now that certain processes need to be completed before announcements can be made.

In addition to this we are re-organising our stock and will send you more images of the CU80 and CU65 next week. The CU80 typing tests will be uploaded by next Sunday – you can see the CU65 typing tests here:

The Cherry MX Switches for the CU65 R1 have finally arrived and we will start to assemble the pre-built orders next week.

Moving to our new office has been extremely worthwhile; we have a dedicated workspace but also a dedicated space for content creation. Our content creation area coupled with our new media editing PC will allow us to bring you build guides and How-To videos over the coming weeks.

Finally, we are considering organising a mini-meetup for those local to the Guildford / Surrey area to come and see the CU80 and CU65 in September. The meetup will be limited to a small group as current circumstances prevent us from inviting a large amount of people. We are working out the logistics of this and will have more details shortly – we will not organise the meetup without assessing safety of those that attend.

Whilst this update does not contain any new information, we wanted to keep you in the loop with where we and the keyboards are in this process. We hope you all remain safe – and for those of you in the UK, have a good Bank Holiday!


Weekly Update #3

This is the latest weekly update for the CU80 R2, CU65 R1 and CU65 R2.

Although we have prepared representative models to send to the testing house in China, we were unable to send them last week as we had to confirm the details of the testing applications and legal documents with our manufacturer.

The legal documents have been completed but we are still filling out the testing applications as we are enlisting the help of third-party CE consultants here in the UK and are unfortunately subject to their schedule.

We will be having a meeting with our CE consultants later today and aim to have everything completed as soon as possible. Once that is done the keyboards will be sent to the testing house!

...Further Comments

We have also been learning more about several features within BigCommerce platform that will improve your experience with the store and the service we provide.

We will be updating all of the orders that have requested address changes over the coming days. We will also be sending out emails before we start shipping orders in case anyone doesn't complete the form before shipping.



Weekly Update #2

Whilst all of the keyboards are in the process of receiving certification, we are combining the updates for the CU80 R2, CU65 R1 and CU65 R2.

This weekly update will outline the latest developments with the CU80 R1, CU65 R1 and CU65 R2.

Since our last update we have continued to work with our PCB manufacturer to make sure that the keyboards are ready for testing. We are finalising the technical documents before sending the representative physical samples later this week. We are confident that we will acquire the certification that we apply for and will continue to keep you all updated throughout this process!

We are making great progress on the supporting content around the CU65 and CU80 and we expect to start releasing typing tests and guides this week. In addition to this we will also be releasing images of the boards with different keycap sets and will be showing more of the CU80 RGB! The videos will be released on our YouTube channel and we will release the images on our Instagram – follow both to make sure you see them as soon as they are released!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!




Weekly Update #1

Since announcing that we are pursuing various certification showing that our products conform to safety standards we have made significant progress in obtaining this certification.
Over the past few weeks we have been speaking to various industry professionals, product designers and our manufacturers as to the best route to obtaining certification. We have decided to work with a testing house in China that our PCB manufacturer regularly works with to obtain this certification.

“What’s next?”

We are currently assembling representative samples of the CU65 and CU80 that will be sent to the testing house. They will test these units and, assuming nothing is wrong, issue us the certification that we apply for.

“What if there is an issue with the design?”
Whilst the products are not overly complex, there is always the possibility that the current design, or aspects of it are rejected. Unsurprisingly we can not comment on the exact steps we would take to remedy such issues without knowing the issue itself. The worst-case scenario for everyone would be that we would need to change the CAD and re-make the units.

If everything is good with testing then we will have to affix the necessary markings to the existing products and then send the units out to all of you!

“How long will this take?”

We are aiming to send out the keyboards early next week. We are estimating that shipping will take a week and we have been told that testing can take up to two weeks. Assuming there are no issues, we can expect to start producing the CE labels in the 3-4 weeks and start shipping after that.

To summarise:
  • We have the production cases and PCBs with us.
  • We estimate that, assuming there are no issues, the certification will be received within 3-4 weeks.
  • We aim to produce the necessary labels once the certification has been obtained.
  • Once these labels have been created and affixed to the units we will start shipping!
We know this whole process has been frustrating and we really appreciate the patience shown over the past few months.