[Pre-Order] CU65 (Round 3) - Extras

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Weight 0.99 KGS
Height 10.50 (cm)
Width 33.00 (cm)
Depth 4.00 (cm)

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Product Information

The CU65 is our take on a custom 65% mechanical keyboard kit. 

The case consists of three main parts – a high-profile top case, a bottom plate and a footbar – with all three being crafted using high quality Aluminium. The top case has been milled from a solid Aluminium block and features and integrated plate that supports both ANSI and ISO layouts. Alongside its light weight, the case features filleted edges and rounded corners making it extremely nice and easy to hold when you want to move it.

The footbar is a solid full-length Aluminium bar - it attaches to the base plate (3 x M3 screws) and supports the entire keyboard giving it an eight-degree gradient.

The final piece of the case is the rubber foot that also sits underneath the case (on the edge closest to the user). This foot allows the case to sit comfortably on any typing surface; two rubber feet will be included to allow enthusiasts to use their CU65 with a 0 degree gradient. 

There is one PCB; ANSI and ISO will be on the same PCB. Please have a look at the product images to see all of the switch layout options. The CU65 is the first custom  PCB in the world to support ISO and ANSI on a hot-swap board!

The PCBs come with QMK loaded onto them. QMK is highly customisable and allows mechanical keyboard enthusiasts to really make their CU65, their CU65. Although the CU65 will come with our firmware loaded, meaning that you can plug in and use, more experienced users still have the option to re-map keys and functions as they see fit via QMK. Please note that the CU65 PCB does not feature any LEDs. 

Don’t like soldering? That’s ok, neither do we – that’s why the CU65 features hot-swap sockets underneath each key! Want to try out some new MX style switches? All you have to do is pull your current switches out, and pop your new switches in – yes, it’s that simple.

The PCBs supports PCB and/or screw-in stabilisers.

The kit comes with foam!

Spec Summary

Included in the Base Kit (No Extras)

  • Aluminium Top Case
  • Aluminium Base Plate
  • Aluminium Footbar
  • Rubber Foot
  • PCB 

PCB Specs

  • ANSI and ISO!
  • QMK Support
  • Hot-Swap Sockets
  • Standard Bottom Row Support (6.25u Spacebar) and 7u Spacebar Support
  • Split-Backspace Support
  • Stepped Caps Lock
  • Supports MX Style Switches
  • Supports 3 and 5 Pin Switches
  • Supports PCB and/or Screw-In Stabilisers

Sound Tests

Sound tests are in the process of being uploaded to our YouTube channel. You can view them here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKQjTnUpeng29o4ityUu5ug

More Sound Tests: 


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