CU7 Round 1

Update #1 - 24/12/2020

Hi Everyone!

We hope you are all safe and enjoying (well, as best as you can) the holiday season!

We have been crunching the stats and we can confirm that, between the 5th and 12th Dec, 1155 CU7 units were purchased!We really appreciate the support from the community for the CU7 and can't wait to start getting orders out next year.

Key Objectives Going Forward

CE / FCC / RoHS Certification

Yep, they're back. Before we start production we must pass testing and acquire certification for the CU7. As we have already been through this process with the CU80 and CU65 we are more knowledable about the process and believe that the expected timeframe will be much shorter.

Final Prototypes

Our final Aluminium cases have almost been completed. We have produced 6 (3 for testing, 3 for social/videos etc); our prototype PCBs have bene completed.


We are still expecting to start production in January but if there are any issues we will communicate this immediately.

Final Encoder

Since our email regarding the encoder we have reviewed several detentless (smooth) encoders and selected the one that we think would be most suitable.

We have uploaded two videos between the original encoder (36 detents) and the proposed smooth encoder which can be viewed via the imgur link below. Our prototype PCBs will use the encoder with detents but we are at a stage where we can swap the parts as production has not yet begun. We have also made a short survey to gather your thoughts.

Imgur Link:


Custom Packaging

We believe that we are finally at a stage where we can start to look at designing custom packaging although nothing has been ocnfirmed at this time.

We will work hard to keep you updated throughout the entirety of this group buy.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

VAT and Brexit

We have been speaking with our accountant and DHL about how VAT will be processed when the United Kingdom leaves the European Union on 1st Jan 2021. They have informed us that if VAT was paid (by customers in the EU) before the UK left the EU then the packages can be marked as VAT paid. We are continuing to investigate this and if there are any changes we will communicate this immediately.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email or join our Discord Server! :)

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