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CU75 1.5u Black Aluminium Blockers (Pack of 2)

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  • CU75 1.5u Black Aluminium Blockers (Pack of 2)


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Product Information: 

Information and Key Features: 

If you require extra 1.5u Black Aluminium Blockers for your CU75, please purchase this product. This is only for the CU75 1.5u Black Aluminium Blockers (Pack of 2) and is an optional extra. All CU75 Base Kits come with two 1.5u Black Aluminium Blockers included. 

The CU75 and CU24 are the first custom mechanical keyboards developed by capsunlocked, and are the first to join the capsunlocked Originals range of keyboards. 

Supporting a large amount of configurations respectively, the physical layouts of both the CU75 and CU24 can be customised and tailored to your specific requirements. However the customisation does not stop there, because once you have settled on your perfect physical layout you have the opportunity to customise the digital layout, with the QMK software. Want to swap Caps Lock and the Left Control key? No problem! Want to have a dedicated layer for your media keys? That is also no problem! QMK coupled with the large amount of physical configurations means that there is a level of customisation that has previously been unseen on a 75% and numpad. 

Included in each kit is a Cherry MX Positioning Plate, however an Alps Plate is available as an optional extra. The Alps Plate will support the standard ANSI 75% layout only. 

Both the CU75 and CU24 have solid, durable cases that have been CNC machined and anodised black.  Both cases are built up from two pieces of Aluminium that are held together with M2.5 screws, for added durability. Sandwiched between the case parts are the positioning plate and PCB. The positioning plate is mounted to the top case, meaning that no screws are visible when using the keyboard. M2 screws are used to hold the plate to the top case. When fully assembled, both cases sit at a comfortable 5 degrees.

Each keyboard comes with a selection of added extras, with a Mini-USB cable and microfibre cleaning cloth in each of the CU75 and CU24 boxes. The CU75 also comes with two-part screw-in, black 1.5u Aluminium blockers and a microfibre sleeve. 

Both keyboards support screw in stabilisers, but do not support holtites or per switch RGB LEDs. 

Whats in the box? 


  • 1.5u Black Aluminium Blockers (Pack of 2)


Designer of the CU75 Case and Plates: Hineybush

Designer of the CU75 PCB: ca178858

Designer of the CU24 Case and Plates: Sayu

Designer of the CU24 PCB: yiancar

Graphic Designer of capsunlocked logo and all capsunlocked Orginal logos: Blerc

Photographer: Mathew Teague 

Group Buy Information: 

Lead Time: 10 - 12 Weeks

End Date: 15/05/2018

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