General and FAQs

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Questions Regarding capsunlocked and the Store

About Us

Where do you ship orders from?

> We ship all of our orders from within United Kingdom. If a product is being shipped from outside of the UK directly to customers, we will let you know on the product page. 

Will I have to pay import VAT? 

> If you are located within the European Union you will pay VAT at checkout. If you are located outside of the European Union you will have to pay import taxes/duties before you can receive your order. 

Why are your shipping prices so high? 

> We understand that many larger (size and weight) products are currently expensive to ship to non-EU and Scandinavian customers. We are working with couriers to improve pricing. 

Why do you have very few items in-stock? I need a keyboard as soon as possible. 

> We currently sell our products via group buys. Group buys are only open for a limited amount of time but are likely to reopen again. Check the group buy calendar ( to see when the next group buys will go live.

What is a group buy?

> Click here to read our explaination:

How do I contact you?

I missed out the CUXX. When will it go on sale next?

> Check out the Group Buy Calendar. 

Questions Regarding Mechanical Keyboards (and Getting Started in the Hobby)

What is a Mechanical Keyboard?

What are the advantages of a mechanical keyboard?

Will a mechanical keyboard make me a better gamer or faster at typing? 

What is a custom mechanical keyboard?

What is a pre-built mechanical keyboard?

What is the difference between a keyboard layout and a keyboard form factor (also known as size)?

ANSI or ISO? How can I tell which layout I am using and which is right for me? 

Which form factor should I use? 

How do I clean my mechanical keyboard?

Switches, Stabilisers, Springs and Lube

What is a mechanical keyboard switch? 

What is the difference between brands? 

What do the different switch colours for? 

What is the difference between Linear, Tactile and Clicky switches? 

What is the actuation? What is bottoming out? 

Which switches are the best? 

Which switches can I use on the CU7/CU65/CU80?

What is lube? 

Which lube should I use? 

What are the benefits to lubing switches and stabiliser? 

How do I lube my switches and stabilisers? 


What are switch springs?

Why would I buy switch springs on their own?

Is there a difference between steel and gold plated springs?  

Accessories (Deskmats etc)

What are the benefits of using a deskmat over a mousepad? 

Our Community

How do I contact you? 

Are you on social media? 

Do you have a Discord server? 

Wider Community

Where can I speak to other mechanical keyboard enthusiasts?

What is a mechanical keyboard meetup?