[Group Buy] CU7 Round 2

£74.99 - £99.98
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Weight 0.50 KGS
Height 10.00 (cm)
Width 7.00 (cm)
Depth 2.00 (cm)

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The CU7 consists of several parts: Aluminium Top Case, Aluminium Dial, Aluminium Base Plate, PCB and Silicone Base.

The Aluminium Top Case has been machined from one part and features an integrated plate that supports 6 1u keycaps and the Aluminium Dial. 

The PCB uses QMK - the function of the keys and RGB LEDs are entirely re-programmable. The PCB features Kailh hot-swap sockets and supports both 3 and 5-pin MX switches. The CU7 features one  USB-C port.

With have always wanted to create a macropad to accompany our exiting product range but the addition of the rotary encoder really makes this product special!

The black cases are anodised and the white cases are finished using Cerakote Bright White: https://www.cerakote.com/shop/cerakote-coating/H-140/bright-white

Additional Dials can be ordered here: https://caps-unlocked.com/group-buy-dial-round-2/

LS63.5 and TS63.5 General Sale will start next week!

Spec Summary

Included in the Base Kit

  • Aluminium Top Case
  • Aluminium Base Plate
  • Aluminium Dial
  • 2 x Rubber Feet
  • Matte Black PCB

    PCB Specs
  • QMK Support
  • Hot-Swap Sockets
  • Supports MX Style Switches
  • Supports PCB and Plate Mounted Switches
  • RGB LEDs
  • Smooth (No Detents) Rotary Encoder (Has no limit and is reprogrammable)
  • USB-C

Group Buy Information

Start Date: 14th September 2021

End Date: 5th October 2021


Black Case: No MOQ

White Case: 100 Cases

Current Orders: 

Lead Time: Estimated Ship Date -> Q2 2022