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VA88Mac (Dual-OS) Standard Edition

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  • VA88Mac (Dual-OS) Standard Edition
  • VA88Mac (Dual-OS) Standard Edition
  • VA88Mac (Dual-OS) Standard Edition
  • VA88Mac (Dual-OS) Standard Edition
  • VA88Mac (Dual-OS) Standard Edition
  • VA88Mac (Dual-OS) Standard Edition
  • VA88Mac (Dual-OS) Standard Edition
  • VA88Mac (Dual-OS) Standard Edition
  • VA88Mac (Dual-OS) Standard Edition
  • VA88Mac (Dual-OS) Standard Edition


Customer Information: 

This product is not part of a group buy. Once you place you order it will be submitted to Varmilo on the following Monday, and you should receive it within 28 working days (if there are any delays you will be contacted). This product will be shipped to you from capsunlocked, and the price on the website does include import fees that are incurred when importing into the EU.  By purchasing this product you agree to the Terms and Conditions found at the bottom of the capsunlocked website. 

By purchasing this product you agree to the Terms and Conditions found at the bottom of the capsunlocked website. 


The Varmilo Mac Mechanical Keyboards have been designed and produced by the well established, and reputable brand, Varmilo. 

Featuring genuine Cherry MX Switches, the Varmilo VA88Mac is a well made and affordable mechanical keyboard that boasts a loud design. This keyboard is suitable as your first or tenth mechanical keyboard, or would be an excellent gift for a special someone.  

If you are looking for quality, look no further. The case features two folding feet, so that you can have your keyboard at either an angle, or perfectly flat. The body is made from plastic, and is sturdy and rigid. The VA88Mac features a removable microUSB cable, allowing you to use the one that is provided in the box, or your own custom cable.

The keycaps are PBT, and the legends have been dye subbed onto to the top. 

This keyboard comes with White LEDs, and there are a variety of lighting settings. 

This keyboard supports both MacOS and Windows. Users can use the function keys to switch between MacOS and Windows modes. 


- This keyboard is wired, and not bluetooth.

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7 Reviews

  • 5
    An awesome mechanical keyboard for Mac

    Posted by Samuel Giles on 20th Aug 2018

    The keyset on this keyboard is great, it seems to be hard to come across a good keyset for Mac that includes all the icons you typically get on a Mac keyboard, add that to the native shortcuts without having to mess around with Karabiner and this is ideal.

    The keyboard itself is great to use, I've got the MX Browns and as noted by another reviewer there is a slight ring that seems to emanate from the keys if you hit them hard but its not annoying and if anything just signals your hitting the keys too hard.

    I'd love to see space grey body + black keyset version with actual backlit keys.

    Great communication from capsunlocked throughout.

  • 5
    Awesome Keyboard

    Posted by Unknown on 25th May 2018

    - Awesome quality
    - Very sturdy

    - White colour only :(
    - It's a Mac keyboard, but, option/command comes inverted..

  • 5

    Posted by Manuel on 11th May 2018

    It's perfect, high quality everywhere. It doesn't have needless rgb lights. It's white and it's for Mac. It's the keyboard I was looking for.

  • 5
    My second VA88Mac

    Posted by Username on 29th Apr 2018

    This is my second VA88Mac keyboard. This time with Silent Red switches and they are a perfect fit.
    It looks great, sounds great and is amazing to type on.

    Only thing I might remark on is the placement of the fn and right ctrl.
    I do look better with fn on far right instead for control. But I use Karabiner-Elements to map they as I like.

    I can recommend one for all of you with a Mac.

  • 4
    All in all really good except for one little thing

    Posted by Benjamin Nyström on 18th Dec 2017

    This was my first mechanical keyboard, and I am very happy with it. After understanding that the keyboard defaulted in windows mode and how to switch it, I've been extremely happy. It's also really nice to look at, and the images don't do it justice at all. Good packaging.

    So what's wrong with it? The backlighting. Not the lighting itself, but the fact that the key caps are not see-through. This seems like a really big thing to overlook by varmilo and I just don't understand it. Activating the backlighting makes little to no difference unless the room is p itch black, in which case only the upper two settings really do much.

  • 5
    Awesome keyboard

    Posted by Philip on 11th Oct 2017

    Best mechanical keyboard I've own to date. the keyboards I've had in the past from Corsair/CoolerMaster does not have the same quality as this one. And the feeling of the keycaps is amazing to type on.

  • 5
    The keyboard Apple don't have.

    Posted by Username on 17th Aug 2017

    I've been using this keyboard in an ISO Nordic layout for a month while testing it for Varmilo.

    The one I have is outfitted with MX Browns and comes with white LED backlighting. As this is a Dual OS keyboard it can be switched between Mac mode with 5KRO and Windows mode with NKRO. You toggle modes with a 3 second hold of fn+w for Windows and fn+a for Mac.

    It have no problem with EFI booting which means that you can use it for logging into your mac even if you have FileVault with its full disk encryption enabled.

    Varmilo have top printed the Mac wording for the modifier keys like delete, return, command, option etc which is a nice gesture for us Mac users. The Windows specifik names have been lasered onto the front. The functions keys have all been outfitted with all mac symbols for mission control, media control etc.

    But they are not consequent about it and on my keyboard they have "ins", which Apple don't have, instead of help as Apples does it. With that said mine was a test keyboard and Varmilo might have corrected these legends.

    It comes with keycap puller and a 1.5 meter gold plated white mini USB cable. Sometimes it can make a faint resonance ringing sound when typing on it. I first believed it was the plate in it but it seems it is the springs in the MX browns which causes the ringing.

    It's a very solid built keyboard and lives up the reputation Varmilo have as one of the better keyboard manufacturers.
    And it do look very good with your Mac.

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