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Varmilo VA22M

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  • Varmilo VA22M
  • Varmilo VA22M
  • Varmilo VA22M
  • Varmilo VA22M
  • Varmilo VA22M


When will I receive my order? 

Check the Varmilo Order Status page to see when you will receive this product if you order today!

Product Information:

The Varmilo VA22M Mechanical Numpads have been designed and produced by the well established, and reputable brand, Varmilo. 

Featuring genuine Cherry MX Switches, these Numpads are well made and affordable mechanical numpads that boasts a loud design. These products are perfect if you are looking for a Numpad to accompany your 80% Varmilo Sakura/Greenery Keyboard.   

If you are looking for quality, look no further. The case features two folding feet, so that you can have your numpad at either an angle, or perfectly flat. The body is made from plastic, and is sturdy and rigid. Both numpads feature a removable microUSB cable, allowing you to use the one that is provided in the box, or your own custom cable.

The keycaps are PBT, and the legends have been dye subbed onto to the top. 

This keyboard does not come with any LEDs. 


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