Vortex Core

Weight 0.50 KGS
Height 8.00 (cm)
Width 25.00 (cm)
Depth 3.00 (cm)
Shipping $12.72

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Minute, but mighty. Those words describe the Vortex Core. 

Produced by Vortexgear, the same brand that produced the much loved POK3R, this small mechanical keyboard is full of features and is perfect if you are looking for a keyboard that has a small form factor. 

Featuring 47 genuine Cherry MX switches, the Vortex Core is packed full of features. The two function keys allow you to navigate through the three programmable layers. In addition to two function keys, the Vortex Core also features two spacebars and two shift keys. 

This mechanical keyboard comes with PBT keycaps; the legends are dye-subbed onto the keycaps. 


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Interesting, but different
Written by Justin Bender on 9th Aug 2018

The firmware seemed to be a bit buggy for me where it didn't want to work well with the mpc. It seemed to erase the numbers or maybe I just didn't understand it well. I ended up switching back to manual programming and switched the pn and fn1 key and I love it. Best keyboard I had ever bought so far!!!!!